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The beginning of us has gathered small community in Phatthalung province in order to help rubber planters / rubber tappers by rubber processing to quality latex products with fair price.

Our three main intentions caused us “Lapin Natural Latex Group” to be today are;

To need increasing product value for Thai rubber planters

To help them to have done a good jobs

To share the precious nature gifts to everyone

Policy : Sharing high quality products, being nature-friendly and putting our hearts to all processes in order to get better life and great customer satisfaction. Our latex products have to be manufactured from 100% latex; there are not any mixtures of synthetic rubbers.


The Meaning of “Lapin”

      “Lapin” in France Language is “Rabbit”  &  in Thai Language is “Bonanza”

      Comfortably sleeping as little rabbit sleeping in the moon


Slogan : "Feel Different, Better Sleep, Better Health”


The advantages of Lapin Natural Products.

  • Our latex products are manufactured from 100% latex.
  • Our Products are high flexibility. These can support all body areas, not too hard or too soft called soft fit. This will make your beds are comfortable without aches.
  • The products can completely support and closely surround the head in all sleeping positions and can help in blood circulation.
  • Due to our products designed well, they can prevent bacteria and dust mites. There are many air holes to prevent the damp dust mites and bacteria to be enabled grow. It is very suitable for customers who are allergic, who want healthy products and or who need better relaxation.
  • The products can decrease the snoring symptom.



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